Image Management

CommPR is an expert in image management i.e. how people see you with respect to your business domain and expertise in a particular industry or sector. CommPR deals with various media houses, journalists, bloggers to build a positive image of your business entity. Not only CommPR establishes the right image of your firm, we even maintain it for the larger good of your company.

Crisis Management

Many times articles get published in some media houses which are not 100% factually correct but dents the image of the company. We do crisis management to eradicate such confusion by tackling the situation and eventually putting our client in a positive frame.

Brand Management

Branding takes you to places, and business firms leave no stone unturned to make their companies a BRAND. CommPR doesn’t hesitate in saying that it has made many lesser-known firms and startups a PROPER BRANDS in terms of media visibility.

Communication Strategy

Building the right communication channel is the very first step towards the path of success. CommPR takes pride in successfully handling the Communication Strategy of companies and other entitiey

Media Relations/Management

CommPR believes in healthy relationships between media and clients. We organise regular meet-ups, round table discussions and ice-breaking sessions of our esteemed clients and dear journalists. This creates a win-win scenario for any business entity and builds a positive image of your firm.

Digital Growth To Our Through Computer

CommPR knows how to create a positive brand image and value for their clients that too what is demanded and required by clients as per their business domain, geographical locations, and languages.

CommPR offers a rare and unique combination of delivering PR services in national and regional media simultaneously.

CommPR has gained an immense edge over other public relations firms when it comes to providing PR duties in both national and regional media. CommPR already stands out as it has covered an extra mile and went hyperlocal i.e. PR in tier-2, tier 3, and local media, depending upon the requirements of esteemed clients.